Shane Dawson is possibly one of my favourite YouTubers right now.
I never used to watch Shane because his videos were just the same thing over and over, you could binge his old videos and feel like you have only watched one video. Every other video was Shane sitting in his kitchen eating something weird or making something strange, and in the end it got very repetitive. The only Shane videos I did watch were his Conspiracy videos because I am a massive conspiracy fan and even then they were a little cringe because it was over the top and it felt like a character.

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Finally on the 27th of November 2017, Shane decided to make a change. He started making videos that he wanted to make. He dropped the character and started with the beautiful series where he confronted his dad. Thus began a new era.
He was still making short content but the actual contents were excellently put together, as with anything it started off and it seemed that a lot of people lost interest in Shane’s channel.
He then started making the videos longer such as the series where he traded lives with Trish, and it was great to see Shane finding his niche. This is what he was supposed to do. Long form content finding out more about the lives of people, getting to know the ins and outs. What’s more is that he has challenged people to think outside of the way they usually do.
He’s also challenged himself with his series that started with “The Truth” where he tackled life as if he were bald, his biggest fear.
Ever since this change his content has gone straight to the top in my opinion. My favourite series was where he switched lives with Molly Burke, it was so heartfelt and pure. He was actually interested in giving her a new experience and learning about how she lives, and importantly he made me interested in it.
Taking his latest series as another example, I’ve never had an interest in either love or hatred for Jake Paul, and Shanes series has ignited a flame of interest letting me into this crazy world of the Paul family and Sociopaths and although he can be a bit dramatic his series has given me an insight that I would never have had. Also, to all those getting mad about the dramatics of the series, it’s entertainment, you have to have some drama.
All in all, as you can probably tell, I’ve fallen in love with this new Shane. I’m glad that Shane is creating content that he enjoys, as much of an emotional toll it’s taking on him, and really great content that is enjoyable, emotional and insightful. It’s not your typical YouTube content. The only thing I miss is the conspiracy videos.

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