Last night I watched American Horror Story: Apocalypse and boy am I left wanting more.


I’m not a very patient person as is, but this episode just left me screaming for┬ámore!

To start I’m shocked at how quickly everything evolved, but it does leave me wondering where we will be going next.

Should we be expecting this kind of speed for the rest of the season?

I myself am not too sure, One thing i do know, I am hooked!

The costumes and the make up are unparalleled and Sarah Paulson is looking absolutely fabulous in that outfit. I’ve heard a lot of people who are wondering where Coven and Murder House will come in the season and being honest, I feel like we’re not going to see much of them, maybe just an episode or two. The one thing for me is that AHS has been on a bit of a rocky road. The first three seasons were great, they had great story lines and everything was wrapped up nicely, then the story-telling for me just went a little bit downhill. Then we arrived at Season 6 with Roanoke and oh my god it was amazing, but then Cult was a let down afterwards.

Apocalypse looks like it will be a really good series and all in all I really enjoyed the first episode and I’m excited to see more.

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