Shazam is the latest film from the DC Extended Universe, a wonderful piece of cinematography which is a lighter side of DC that we had yet to encounter. We kick of with young Thaddeus Sivana being transported to the Rock of Eternity, where he meets an ancient wizard named Shazam who has been searching for a new champion who is “pure of heart”. Thaddeus is tempted by the Seven Deadly Sins and is deemed unworthy. We then cut to present-day Philadelphia where foster kid Billy Batson (Played by Asher Angel) is running afoul of the law while searching for his birth mother.

He ends up place in a group home with 5 other foster kids including Freddy Freeman (Played by Jack Dylan Grazer) who is a Superhero Enthusiast, and boy does this kid represent the child in all of us. To quickly sum up the rest of the plot, the ancient wizard Shazam chooses Billy as his new champion. By calling the wizards name Billy can transform into his superhero self with newfound powers of; electricity manipulation, invulnerability, superhuman strength, speed and flight. This superhero Billy is wonderfully portrayed by none other than the beautiful Zachary Levi.

Levi does such an excellent job at portraying a superhero with a childlike mind. I was genuinely concerned before seeing the film, thinking the comedy would just be very slapstick and not actually funny, however, it has surprised me with a wide range of funny moments. My personal favourite funny moment was when Sivana is doing his big villain monologue and Shazam can’t hear a thing.

I enjoyed this film and it’s lighthearted nature. Whilst Shazam is not one of the best known DC heroes, for me he’s taken one of the top spots in the DC Extended Universe. They’ve really taken the time to make you feel like a kid (in all the best ways) while watching Shazam, Warner Bros. took such care to portray the fantasy of being a young boy/girl and becoming your own super-hero. All while supported by an extremely diverse cast.

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