This was an excellent week and an interesting challenge. I loved everything about this challenge to be honest and I thought that it was really different to the things that had been done before.

Who should’ve won the Maxi Challenge

I think the right group won the Maxi Challenge and whilst I though it was shady that Ru put Latrice and Trinity in the top 2 and left Manila out, it had to happen, couldn’t go around changing to rules to have a top 3.

The top toot of the episode

This look for Monet is beautiful, I love everything from the wig down to the boots, I want more of these wacky looks from her. I feel that she’s really pushing herself and not wearing those god awful pussycat wigs and I love it!

The biggest boot of the episode

This look did not scream plastic, it barely whispered plastic. This was Valentina looking pretty and giving you another Miss Universe candidate which is pretty predictable at this point. In my opinion, it seemed like she wore this look so she could wear a crown and look pretty and that’s not what the competition is about.

Who should’ve gone home

I agree with the judgement that was made, Valentina was absolutely the weakest link. I felt sorry for poor Naomi because she had to do everything while Valentina contributed very little to the challenge.

My favourite moment of the episode

Watching Latrice trying to get into that jumpsuit was too, fucking, funny. Trinity taking the time to double over and laugh too hard at this moment was everything. All round a good episode and funny moment.

P.s I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get this out, I’ve been too goddamn busy. Sue me.

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