Well, this was a week to remember, and I’m not sure how to give my opinion on this episode. This episode was a little suspect, and I feel like it was subject to overhype. At first, when I saw the message from Ru on the mirror, I half expected the four returning girls to lip sync against each other to come back. So while the whole situation was unexpected, everybody knew that not all returning queens were going to replace the current queens. So, I think I’m going to omit the Who should’ve won, because, in my opinion, the right decision was made in all cases. However…

The Latrice vs Monique Lip Sync

It was evident from the start of this episode that Latrice had a fire under her ass and was ready to send somebody home. It was obvious who she was going to pick to lip sync against, and yes she sent a bitch home and came back into the competition. It was an obvious decision for her to go against Monique and it was the Lip Sync of the century.

The top toot of the episode

This was a tough decision to make, and I’ve still not made the decision for god sake. I loved both looks from Monet and Manila. I loved the Spaghetti look from Manila and this gown from Monet! Considering they were both safe, they turnt it out and brought those looks at 110%

The biggest boot of the episode

This look from Jasmine is not the worst thing I’ve ever seen; however, it’s just a spangled bodysuit. It’s nothing special. I like the idea of the roses but I just wasn’t a fan, if you’re going to return to All Stars 4 you need to turn it out and for me, it just didn’t work.

My favourite moment of the episode

My favourite moment was watching Latrice kill that lip sync against Monique. We all know that Monique can turn a lip sync out, but this time it just didn’t cut the mustard. Watching Latrice do her wig reveal was a stunt and then seeing Monique do the same thing was a bit… awkward. Then we have the split situation, just like reveals I’m tired of queens relying on splits to win. All in all, I’m glad to see Latrice back, and it’s apparent that bringing Latrice back was the whole point of this episode.

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