We’re four weeks in, and it seems like the drama is never going to simmer down! This season of All Stars has been pretty bad in comparison to the likes of All-Stars 3; however, it has got drama galore. This week was time for Jersey Justice, where Michelle Visage got to live her Judge Judy fantasy!

Who should’ve won the Maxi Challenge

I ultimately agreed with the judging, again I know, but Manila and Monique absolutely slayed during this challenge. Manila’s dog moment absolutely killed me, and that hair reveal was terrific, but what was even better, was when the leash fell out and I cried with laughter.

The top toot of the episode

There were some good looks on this runway and some bad looks, the theme was Curves and Swerves. Boy did Trinity completely fuck this runway up (in a good way) with this look. It was #Stunning, and I immediately knew what she was going for. It was absolutely amazing, the detail of the swirling pattern and the ruffled edge. I’m going to go off.

The biggest boot of the episode

This look was the worst for me. I got it and understood what Valentina was going for; however it didn’t fit the theme, and it was poorly constructed. This look would’ve been perfect for a photo shoot, but in a Curves and Swerves runway, it’s a no from me.

Who should’ve gone home

ABSOLUTELY NOT LATRICE THAT’S FOR SURE. In all seriousness, I’m okay with Latrice going home, but personally, I would’ve sent Monet home. I felt that while Latrice hasn’t done amazingly during this season, neither has Monet and I’m not sure, it was a hard decision.

My favourite moment of the episode

This is tricky for me, I loved the moment where Valentina was popping off over the judges’ comments on her dress and was immediately shut down, but that whole scene where Manila is just fully crying on Latrice’s shoulder touched my soul. It was like watching Raven and Jujubee lip sync against each other. I’ve read a lot of comments saying that Manila is purely playing a game, and while that may be true, I think the whole scene was too real to be just a part of Manila playing the game.

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