Week 3 Bitches, Time for Snatch Game! I love Snatch game but I have to admit that it was getting tired and stale. Luckily this year, they’ve upped the anti and turned it into Blind Date Snatch Game. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and loved the new formula for Snatch Game.

Who should’ve won the Maxi Challenge

I agree with most of the decisions that were made in this episode. Manila and Trinity both did extremely well in the challenge and absolutely well done to Manila for SLAYING that Lip Sync. She told the story of that girl waiting and wanting her fella.

The top toot of the episode

Gus Kenworthy in the wrestling outfit.

Gus is delicious, but in respect to the queens my Top Toot had to be Monet, this look was gorgeous on her. Everything worked so well and coordinated perfectly, and whilst it may not have fully served Boots The House Down. I didn’t exactly think many of them sold the look.

The biggest boot of the episode

I really hate myself for saying this, but this week, Latrice’s look just wasn’t giving me life. I didn’t hate it, but we know what this bitch can do, and this look wasn’t up to scratch.

Who should’ve gone home

I mostly agree with the two that were in the bottom, definitely Gia. Although i’m not sure if Valentina was that bad, yes she didn’t answer the questions but she stayed in character the whole time. I definitely think for the sake of the queen’s sanity Gia was good to go.

My favourite moment of the episode

The whole elimination process in this episode was so good! This whole drama with Manila and Valentina, I loved it! I understood both sides of the coin. Manila is playing her own game and knows what she may need to do to get to the top, so she wanted to weigh up her options and make sure she was making the right decision. Of course Trinity had her point as well, Valentina was nowhere as bad as Gia and it would have been unfair to Valentina. Trinity wants to win because she beat down the best of the best, not got rid of them when she could. I digress, the moment where Valentina looked Manila dead in the eye to say that she better be in the top 4 with her and win because she can was ICONIC. I loved it.

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