Week Two, Henny this episode was an absolute doozy! What an excellent piece of TV this episode was! Let’s get started,

Who should’ve won the Maxi Challenge

I agree with most of the decisions that were made in this episode. Monet and Valentina both did extremely well in the challenge, it’s a shame that Manila’s look couldn’t bring her up to Top 2 because god knows she deserves it.

The top toot of the episode

Manila motherfucking Luzon, I completely adored this look! I don’t think i’ve ever seen Manila look more beautiful than in this episode. Although it’s funny because she does look like Dearis Doll from Drag Race Thailand. Everything in this look was perfect and I just gagged.

The biggest boot of the episode

Unfortunately, it has to be Farrah’s Challenge look. It’s something we’ve seen before, It didn’t fit the brief that everybody else worked with. It was all around a bit of a flat note for me.

Who should’ve gone home

I think the decision that was made, was made well. I agreed that in that moment Farrah was the weakest, and she already had something to prove from Episode 1. It’s such a shame but that is the way the penny falls unfortunately. It would have been wrong to eliminate Monique after she had just been in the top 2 the week before.

My favourite moment of the episode

I absolutely loved the moment where Farrah was speaking up for herself against Gia. It was absolutely iconic for her to stand up against somebody who was obviously just looking to stir the pot and play a dirty game getting into her head.

Gia: “Honey, I’m here for an opportunity just like you are.”

Farrah: “Yeah, well, some of us don’t have to, you know, force storylines to get their airtime.”

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