Well, what a disappointment. I was so ready for Kitty Girl part 2 and I’m not sure what we got… but it wasn’t right. I was super excited to see what they were going to do, you get the chance every episode to listen to Super Queen and feel the fantasy, and then when they finally get to add their own lyrics, it’s super slowed down and just not right.

The top toot of the episode

It was hard to pick from three of the top 4 for this top toot, however, Trinity stole the fucking show with this look. She got everything perfectly, the dress is (brown cow) stunning, the hair is perfectly coiffured and the mug is beat. I love Trinity and she is definitely deserving of the crown.

The biggest boot of the episode

This was, unfortunately, a pretty easy decision. When you’re comparing Monique’s look to the other queens in the finale, it wasn’t up to par. Whilst she looked beautiful and the wig and makeup were right, the dress wasn’t screaming finale of Drag Race All-Stars to me.

Who should’ve won

Now, this has become something very controversial, many are claiming that Trinity was the initial winner but after the racial controversy (started by Naomi) and then they added Monet as a second winner to ensure that there was no backlash. Whilst this could be a plausible theory, I don’t want to treat it that way. I am glad that we have two new winners and that the Hall of Fame has expanded in that way. My main hope is that this will cause a slow down in Drag Race so we’re not getting an All-Stars every year.

And that’s the end of All-Stars 4, I enjoyed this season I just wish they hadn’t rushed it out. I’ll see you all next week or the week after for Season 11… (No rest for the wicked)

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