I absolutely adore drag race, so for All Stars 4 (my first season since starting this blog), I want to do a week by week review. I’ll be looking at different points of each episode and giving my own commentary. Everything here is just my own opinion. Don’t come for me.

Each week I will be looking at;

  • Who should’ve won the Mini-challenge
  • Who should’ve won the Maxi-challenge
  • The top toot of the episode
  • The biggest boot of the episode
  • Who should’ve gone home
  • My favourite moment of the episode

I will also give my thoughts on the episode in general. So, let’s get started with Episode 1

Who Should’ve won the Mini-challenge

So the reading challenge this time around I felt was a little lacklustre, there were some good reads, and some fails however my favourite and the best reader this time as Ru announces was Latrice.

Who should’ve won the Maxi Challenge

As with most of our All Stars seasons, the first maxi challenge was a Variety Show, there were some I liked and some that were just bad. My favourite for this episode was definitely Gia! I really enjoyed the way she did something from her culture but kept it drag and it was glorious.

The top toot of the episode

There were so many good looks in this episode, including Brown Cow Stunning but in the end, I love anything artsy, so Manila’s Bob Ross inspired look was my absolute favourite. I loved everything from head to toe, including that big ass ‘fro and even the reveal dress.

The biggest boot of the episode

This episode had a couple of bad looks and unfortunately, my least favourite was Jasmine Masters and her main stage outfit. It was just a suit, with a terrible fit. 

Who should’ve gone home

To me, I think the right decision was made, however I also feel that maybe Valentina should’ve been in the bottom along with Jasmine. Whilst of course Farrah had her moment and wasn’t the best, Valentina’s talent was basically “I can lip sync, I promise”. Jasmine didn’t make a single joke, and it felt to me like she didn’t actually prepare anything.

My favourite moment of the episode

My favourite moment is of course when Farrah fell, I felt absolutely terrible for her, but the memes that have come from that moment are legendary! I’m glad that Farrah didn’t go home because of this mishap but I bet she thought “If only i’d thrown it in another direction”

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