So it’s been exciting as we’ve just had the latest addition to the Pokémon series. Now, I didn’t start playing Pokémon until Emerald which was a little past Red, Blue and Yellow, so I never experienced the generation that Let’s Go is from.

I love it. First of all, playing a Pokémon game on a console as powerful as the switch, being able to finally play a Pokémon game on a television is so good, and it works excellently. Being able to lounge on the sofa with my Pokéball Plus and play away, it’s so much better than scrunching over a tiny screen.

One thing I thought I’d hate is the new mechanics for catching Pokémon, however, I actually like it, for once I don’t feel like it takes a million hours to grind my Pokémon up to the next levels. The mechanic actually works better than Pokemon GO but that’s a bit of a given really. For those who don’t want to use motion controls, there is the option of playing in Handheld mode and using the regular old A button, I’m not sure if that works in TV mode though. 

Another thing I really love is the ability to play with your Partner Pokemon and when my Eevee offered me my first set of High 5’s I nearly cried. The battles in the game work as well as you’d expect the battles to in a Pokemon game, but they look beautiful in this style. 

I love the style in the game as well as the mechanics and I think it all works really well. When they announced the new catching mechanic I was worried but it all works well. I’ve been really enjoying the game so far and Pokemon Tower absolutely fucked me up, I cried. I look forward to finishing the game and playing the after game, and I will be giving the online battles a try (even though I will just lose a million times)

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