I think I’ve found my new Christmas film, there are certain films that I HAVE to watch during the Christmas period, and I just know that I’ll be adding Mary Poppins Returns to that list.

Emily Blunt stepped into those turned out shoes and made her way down from the Lovely London Sky. Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton, plays Jack, the lovable Lamp-Lighter and takes the place of Dick Van Dyke’s character Bert. Emily Mortimer and Ben Whishaw join in to play Jane and Michael, the Banks Children all grown up.

Everything about this film screamed Mary Poppins, while it stands on its own merits. The film also takes a lot from the original Mary Poppins. While watching I had a sense of what was going on, it followed a very similar pattern of turning a chore into a game, then diving into a picture world and then finally the family drama. I’m trying my hardest to not spoil the film for anybody who hasn’t seen it, but it’s so hard. 

Blunt makes for an excellent portrayal of the magical character of Mary, while she was still portraying the same role it was different enough from Julie Andrews’ to be able to stand on its own. For one she is definitely much firmer with the children in MPR.

Another point to look at is the music, and since going to see the film, I’ve been obsessed with the soundtrack. It’s bright and bouncy and practically perfect in every way. My favourite song would have to be Mary’s first one in the house ‘Can You Imagine That’. All of the music adds to the extraordinary feel of the film, ensuring that even as a 23-year-old man you can feel like a child again.

Overall it’s an excellent film, and it shows how much can change in almost 60 years, the growth we have made in the film industry is tremendous. Disney did an excellent job in basically reviving Mary Poppins for the older fans who enjoy Disney. Everything was well executed and felt fun, as Mary Poppins should.

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