Don’t lynch me. I loved playing Diablo!

But all the bosses were so disappointing… I spent hours playing with my boyfriend, levelling up my Mage whilst he worked on his necromancer, and every boss we encountered was just depressing. We didn’t even grind, we almost ran through the game. We brought Diablo III for a challenge and it was a let down, even on the expert mode we found that we were finishing every boss off in like a minute, and we may have died possibly once each.

4273f-diablo-iii-epic-wallpaperEven when we got to the great Diablo himself, It was just so disappointing… I think we may try playing again as different classes as that may make it a little harder.

I mean, I understand that it’s a 6 year old game and it’s awesome, I just hope that they up the difficulty on the next instalment of Diablo.

Everything else about the game was amazing, we really enjoyed the storytelling and the cut scenes were beautiful it was just those bosses that we’re such a let down.

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