The day after Valentines I spent my usual hours at work and then headed off to the New Alexandra Theatre to see Avenue Q, live and in the fur.

Years and years ago I did see an amateur production of Avenue Q, which was okay, however, they didn’t sing themselves and they just played the songs from the Broadway soundtrack. This time was an extravaganza of perfection.

Lawrence Smith (playing Princeton and Rod) and Cecily Redman (playing Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut) did an exemplary job at their characters, and even though I saw it at almost closing night they were both full of energy. However, Tom Steedon (playing Trekkie Monster and others) and Saori Oda (playing Christmas Eve) both completely stole the show for me, their performances were excellent.

Avenue Q is a show where many could be easily offended, however, the show is so relatable that you can’t be offended. I found myself laughing the entire way through, especially during a lot of the Trekkie Monster moments.

Watching Avenue Q, you can see how much every person who worked on the show enjoyed taking part and making the UK tour a reality. I cannot recommend seeing Avenue Q enough! The tour is making its way around the UK and you can find out where they’re off to next here.

An excellent show that you should definitely see or even take a listen to the soundtrack!

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