Holy Shit. Yesterday I went to see the Aquaman movie and I was shook. I’m gonna have to say it, I’ve got a new favourite superhero film. I absolutely adored this latest James Wan masterpiece.

This film was absolutely amazing, firstly the visuals were absolute perfection. I’ve watched a lot of films in the past couple of years that are visually stunning, like Valerian, and this year we have Aquaman. The aesthetic of Atlantis absolutely took my breath away. Overall the CGI worked very well and Jason Momoa looked absolutely delicious. 

DC is absolutely killing with their soundtracks lately. First, we had the iconic Wonder Woman theme, and now the whole album from Aquaman is just perfection. The Ring Of Fire is my favourite track and I just can’t get enough of the soundtrack already. If anything, it gives me almost a Detroit: Become Human vibe. My only complaint about the soundtrack would be Ocean to Ocean by Pitbull and Rhea, it just felt really out of place to me. 

Jason Momoa gives an excellent performance and you can see that he actually enjoys being Aquaman. I always think you can tell when an actor/actress likes the character their portraying. It was nice to be able to see more from him and hear his quick wits. Patrick Wilson is one of my favourite actors and to be able to see him as a villain (instead of the cute guy trying to help families with their demon problems) was a great experience. He portrayed the character very well and felt quite menacing as a villain. 

The storytelling to me was rather strong, the thing I found most interesting was that this was Origin Story but it occurs after Justice League and the way James Wan took this on worked very well. All of the lore and the origin story was portrayed mostly through flashbacks which worked really well.

Overall I absolutely adored this film and it worked perfectly with the story line they wanted to portray I would recommend anybody to go and watch is as soon as possible and take a listen to the soundtrack as well. 

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